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Most criminal cases are heard in state courts, but federal law also covers a wide variety of crimes – and when you’re facing federal criminal charges, you’ll need a defense attorney with years of experience to develop the strongest case possible.

Operating in the Miami, FL area, the Law Offices of Ama-Mariya Hoffenden provides federal criminal defense lawyers who help you fight false charges or minimize sentencing.

Our federal criminal defense Miami team fights aggressively to defend your rights, utilizing our years of experience with local courts and prosecutors.

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What Types of Federal Crimes Do We Handle?

As your Florida federal criminal defense lawyer, we can handle suits covering a number of federal crimes and offenses.

Some of the most common federal crimes that we handle include:

Drug Crimes

As your federal drug crime lawyer, we will handle any kind of drug offense that is prosecuted as a federal crime. This includes possession, trafficking, distribution, and more. These crimes are taken extremely seriously in Florida, and when we act as your drug crime attorney, we explore all possible defenses.

White Collar Crimes

Our attorneys expertly navigate white-collar crime suits. This refers typically to financially motivated crimes that do not involve violence. Good examples of white-collar crimes that break federal laws include computer crime, healthcare and securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Sex Crimes

We understand Florida’s distinct sex crime statutes and represent your rights accordingly.

Our team of Florida federal sex crime lawyers knows how to navigate this area of the law, ensuring your rights are defended in the event that you have been charged with rape, aggravated sexual assault, statutory rape, or otherwise.


We also handle all kinds of frauds, from credit card and loan fraud to online fraud, mail fraud, and counterfeiting. As your federal crime defense lawyer, we will ensure that charges and sentencing are not “jumped up,” and we will work to either get the charges dropped or minimize sentencing.

Firearms Offenses

Our Miami lawyers expertly represent defendants in all kinds of federal firearm cases. This includes charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, the illegal use, carrying, or possession of a firearm, or other drug felonies or violent crimes involving guns.

Theft Offenses

There are many kinds of theft crimes, including fraud, robbery, shoplifting, and embezzlement. These crimes also include burglary. Our Miami defense lawyers use a combination of years of experience with Florida courts and deep knowledge of local law to defend you as aggressively as we can.

Looking for a “federal defense lawyer near me”? You’ve found us.

Difference Between Federal and State Crimes

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Many crimes in Florida are state crimes, meaning the cases are heard in state courts. However, there are many criminal acts that constitute federal crimes and violations of federal law.

When your case is heard in a federal criminal court, you could be facing extremely severe sentencing, which may extend to many years or decades in prison. There are many thousands of federal laws that can be broken across a number of kinds of crimes, and we handle them all. Whether you are investigated by the IRS, the FBI, the DEA, or any other agency, we’ll hear your case and begin to establish the strongest possible defense based on your circumstances and the evidence for the court.

Why Do You Need a Federal Defense Attorney

Why do you need a Florida federal attorney? Because we know the law! Without a federal crime attorney, you will be up against the machinery of the government and federal law enforcement agencies, and that’s hard to handle.

With our years of experience defending people across Florida in federal law enforcement cases, we will help you fight off lengthy investigations, build the best possible defenses for your federal crime case, and ensure that any sentencing is minimized as much as we can.

We will explore all avenues of the law to defend your rights against all kinds of federal crime charges, and help you navigate complex areas of the law that become too troublesome and difficult to deal with when we’re not on your side.

For your best shot at getting charges dropped or minimizing your sentencing, contact the Law Offices of Ama-Mariya Hoffenden in Miami, Florida, today.

What Are the Penalties for Federal Offenses?

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As a general rule, federal criminal charges are typically much more serious than state charges. It means you could be sentenced to time in federal prison, and in the most serious of crimes, you may even face the death penalty under 18 U.S. Code §11111 for first-degree murder.

Tax evasion may result in imprisonment up to five years and a maximum fine of $100,000, drug trafficking can be anywhere between five years and life depending on the severity of the crime, and firearm violations can range from between one and 30 years in prison.

As you can see, federal crimes carry heavy sentencing, and a federal criminal attorney in Miami will help you navigate these laws and give you the best shot at getting the charges dropped, or your sentence minimized.

Florida’s Trusted Federal Crime Defenders

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FAQ about Assault Crimes
What happens when you are charged with a federal crime?

Federal crimes are prosecuted differently from state crimes. Instead of the case being brought by a state prosecutor, the case is opened and investigated by federal agencies like the IRS, the Secret Service, and the FBI. It may take weeks or months to investigate the case before you even know that you are believed to have committed a crime.

You may then be arrested, and at this point, it is essential that a skilled federal crime attorney begins building your case.

Can you bond out on federal charges?

It is possible to get bail in a federal case, but it is not guaranteed. The nature of the crime committed, your ties to the local community, and your criminal history are among the biggest considerations when a judge decides whether or not you can get bail or a cash bond.

What makes a case federal?

A crime becomes a federal case when it specifically violates United States federal law or a law that exists in multiple states. These kinds of crimes include drug trafficking, firearms offenses, commercial fraud, murder, theft, and more.

How much does a federal lawyer cost?

The cost of a federal lawyer depends entirely on your case, the length of time it takes to get your case in and out of court, the severity of your crime, and the lawyer you choose.

At the Law Offices of Ama-Mariya Hoffenden, we bring you transparent and honest pricing and service you can trust. Our expert federal crime attorneys in Miami don’t just offer a great price but also give you the best chance at getting the charges dropped or your sentencing minimized.