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To maximize the chances of success for your E-2 visa application, you’ll need a trusted E-2 visa attorney in Miami, Florida. The Law Offices of Ama Mariya Hoffenden give you the confidence you need when applying that the requirements will be met, and your paperwork filed properly and on time.

With years of experience and a long list of happy clients, businesses and investors trust us to handle all their immigration needs. That extensive experience, along with a commitment to saving you time and money, makes us the best E-2 visa lawyer option in Florida - and we can’t wait to help you.

We assist applicants of a variety of nationalities and make a complex process much easier to handle. Do not hesitate to reach out for a consultation!

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What is an E-2 Visa?

What is an E-2 visa? This is a visa type that allows investors to relocate to the United States to grow a business venture that the applicant either owns outright or has at least 50% of ownership interest. The visa makes it possible to generate new employment opportunities in the United States and provides business owners with the chance to expand their company’s global reach.
A good attorney that oversees immigration and E-2 visas understands what is required to qualify for this program, and how to ensure you have the best chances of being accepted. That is precisely what we do.

Program Requirements

E-2 visa requirements are very specific and require you to meet several qualifications before being accepted. These include:

You can prove the legal source of your investment funds.

Your business is a legitimate enterprise.

You are a national of a country that the United States maintains a normal commerce and travel relationship with.

You are coming to the United States to invest a substantial amount of money in a new or existing company.

You are moving to the United States to invest in an enterprise, and you own at least 50% of that enterprise.

E-2 Visa Benefits

Once you qualify, there are various E-2 visa benefits you can enjoy while legally residing in the United States. These include:

Working legally in the company that you are investing in.

Stay in the United States on an extended basis, with unlimited two-year extensions as long as you still qualify under E-2 requirements.

Travel freely into and out of the United States.

Bring your dependents under 21, spouse, and relatives to join you in the United States. They will be able to legally work in the United States and your dependents can attend schools and universities.

How Can We Help With The E-2 Visa Process

The Law Offices of Ama Mariya Hoffenden goes above and beyond, helping you navigate the complex E-2 visa process and giving you the best chance of success. We understand what makes a good E-2 visa application, and how our attorney services can speed it up for you.

We’ll assist with:

Filing the application and ensuring the paperwork is filled out correctly. We know what common mistakes to look for and how to avoid delays.

Preparing and filing a detailed business plan which meets immigration requirements for application under E-2 visa classification.

Preparing you for an interview.

This is a complex process and one where mistakes can easily be made. We walk you through every step of the petition and application process, which is why Ama Mariya Hoffenden is the best E-2 visa attorney in Florida!

Why Choose Us For E-2 Visa in Miami, Florida

Here at the Law Offices of Ama Mariya Hoffenden, we aim to provide a friendly, convenient, affordable, and seamless visa application experience. As an E-2 visa lawyer in Florida, our services are available to customers throughout Florida.
Strategic and insightful, we know what it takes to file successful E-2 visa applications. We know what immigration officials are looking for in an application, and we will even assist with your business plan to ensure you have the best shot.
For an E-2 visa attorney service near you, call today and benefit from the best service start-to-finish, and support from a seasoned professional.

How to Get an E-2 visa in Florida?

Here is how to get an E-2 visa.

Ensure that funds have already been committed to a business or placed in Escrow, as the visa requires that your funds be “at risk.”

Funds must be invested into an existing or new business by the time the application is filed.

Application fees must be paid.

The business must remain active, engaging in commercial activities, and have an existing physical space.

You must attend the United States Embassy in your country and complete an interview.

Sounds daunting? It does not have to be. We work with you every step of the way, ensuring you meet the requirements of an E-2 visa application, and ensuring you follow the process precisely as required.
Our E-2 visa attorney fees are extremely competitive, we are reliable and well-versed in the process, and we happily assist clients from across Florida and across the United States.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price you should expect to pay to complete an E-2 visa application is determined by two things. First is the E-2 visa lawyer cost, which is always competitive when you choose the Law Offices of Ama Mariya Hoffenden. Second is the cost of filing with the United States government.

The cost of applying for an E-2 visa is broken into three:

DS-160 fee is $205

I-129 basic filing fee is $460

Premium processing fee is $1,440

You should also consider, for an E-2 visa, how much to invest. We can advise you on the amount to invest in a new or existing company to ensure you fully qualify and stand the best chance of obtaining the visa.
We are proud to offer competitive E-2 visa lawyer fees to make the application process as seamless as possible.

How Long Will The Process Take?

It is common to ask, “how long does it take for an E-2 visa?” Thankfully, with our help, we can ensure it happens as quickly as possible.
For most applicants, it should take between two weeks and four months for your application to be processed and an interview to be arranged for you to attend at the United States Embassy in your country. 
As your E-2 visa attorney in Florida, we will ensure your application is filed accurately and free from errors, ensuring the quickest possible turnaround time.


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